Monday, July 22, 2013

College Admissions Process: What Not To Do

The Huffington Post has a great piece today with advice for HS seniors on what not to do. Here are two of the items  on the DO NOT DO LIST that I feel are extremely important:

2. Not being aware of your social media footprint.
This is becoming a bigger issues in the past five years. More college admissions offices are looking at applicants social media footprint and many are judging students by what they find.

5. Leaving your personal statement for the last minute.

Leaving your personal statement until after school starts only adds to your stress. Between classes, homework,  games/pratices, your part time job & your college application process you and your parents can become overwhelmed very quickly. Take the time over the summer to first  think about and outline your personal statement. You'll then be able to flesh it out and finalize it by the end of summer vacation.

For the full DO NOT DO LIST go to:
College Application Advice: 5 Things High School Seniors Should Avoid, Under All Circumstances

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Lorraine said...

I'd say being aware of one's social media footprint for college will bode well for post graduation employment opportunities too. Great reminder to think before hitting the Post button.