Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Understanding Federal Student Loans

INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY 's  website, Investors.com delivers unique stock investment research, education and stock tips for new or seasoned investors, combined with daily business and financial news.askibd@investors.com310-448-6600WilliamO'Neil12655 Beatrice StreetLos AngelesCA90066USA12655 Beatrice StreetLos AngelesCA90066USAInvestor.com, recently had  an excellent article on Federal student loans explainning the programs and tips on how to use them wisely.

Not mentioned in the article is the fact that Federal Direct Student Loans are available to undergraduate and graduate students. Be aware though, that  graduate students are no longer eligible for subsidized Direct Student Loans. This means that grad students are responsible for paying the interest on their loans while in grad school.  Students may defer their interest payments until they graduate or leave college/grad school. The interest will be capitalized (added to the loan balance), which makes the loan more expensive. The government picks up the interest for undergrads while they are in college.

Perkins Loans are a great option for students who qualify as the interest rate is 5%. Colleges and universities generally have a limited amount of Perkins funds available  and funds are prioritized for the neediest students.

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