Tuesday, March 06, 2012

MEC partners with Academic Solutions Corp

McLaughlin Education Consulting has partnered with Academic Solutions Corp. ASC offers private student loan options for undergrads and grad students who have exhausted their federal and state loan eligibility. MEC's decision to affiliate with ASC is based on the quality of the loan products  and the integrity of the organization.  ASC offers not only private  undergrad & grad loans, but has a private consolidation loan.

ASC's TruFit Student Loan has many excellent benefits including: zero fees, competitive interest rates ( with fixed and variable rate options), Interest rate reduction for automating payments from any eligible bank account, and flexible repayment options including the ability to defer payments until after graduation. There are no penalties for prepayment and there are several choices of repayment including immediate, interest only or deferred. Borrowers also have 24/7online account management.

All borrowers should remember that federal and state loan programs should be considered and used first, as these loans have lower interest rates, longer repayment periods. Federal and state loan programs also deferment and forbearance opportunities for those struggling to make loan payments due to loss of income or personal crisis.

Remember if you are currently in college, your first move is to contact your financial aid office to see if there are any grants, scholarships or workstudy funds available. Then perform your own search for private scholarships via the Internet or pick up a scholarship book. As I tell my clients, private scholarships are not just for incoming freshmen and a few are even renewable. 

Need help doing a scholarship search?  Contact me at Head For College.

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