Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take An Inside Look At The Admissions Decisions

NPR's Morning Edition did a segment earlier this week titled, Behind The Scenes: How Do You Get In To Amherst?  It brings the listener into the Admissions Committee's meeting as they review  the final round of applications for the incoming fall class. For those outside of the college admissions world it  is an eye -opener.  Not all colleges have an Admissions Committee. Many have a single admissions officer review a caseload of applications, consulting with colleagues within the Admissions Office on some individual applications. At all colleges there are similar concerns when reviewing applications: level of difficulty of high school courses and grades,personal essay or personal statement, GPA, SAT/ACT test scores,  honors & awards, and  recommendations. The student's extracurricular activity is also examined: leadership roles, commitment- level,  and time management skills. It is also possible the the college may be looking for a specific skill or talent, whether it is an oboe player or possible member of the debate team. To listen to the report or read the transcript click on the link. (I suggest you listen to it.)

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