Friday, July 02, 2010

Twitter Event #CollegeChat Provides Chance To Hear From College Professionals

Earlier this week I participated in the Twitter event, #CollegeChat. I discovered this #chat within the past  month and have participated in each of these discussions. These are live conversations which feature a guest and are moderated by Theresa Smith of Pathways Communications. Twitchats, as they are called, are discussions which last an hour or so on a particular topic.  The #CollegeChat  twitchats are geared toward teens, college students, parents, and higher education experts and are great ways to hear and share advice and ask questions on a variety of college related topics Theresa has had some great topics and guests.  Earlier in June, guest Lynn O’Shaughnessy, higher education journalist and author of the new ebook, Shrinking the Cost of College: 152 Ways to Cut the Price of a Bachelor’s Degree, discussed how to reduce the cost of college.

This week's #CollegeChat's topic was "How to Land Your First Job". The guest for the event was Kathryn Marion, a columnist covering the college-to-career transition and author of “Grads: Take Charge of Your First Year After College”. A number of college professional joined in and offered their tips and thoughts on the topic.

If you missed either of these #CollegeChat  events, you can find a recap of them at Read Theresa's post How To Participate In A Twitter Chat, if you are looking for information  on how Twitter Chats work and how to participate.

Be sure to follow Theresa Smith on Twitter (@collegechat) and join in future #CollegeChat discussions.


Theresa Smith said...

Thanks so much for blogging about #CollegeChat. And thank you for bringing your tips to each of our chats. In July we will be tackling helping incoming College Freshman with all the costs associated with school and how to reduce these costs with a personal finance columnist and author. To be announced soon...

Theresa Smith said...

Theresa, you are so welcomed. I really appreciate your effort to use Twitter as a platform to discuss college and college planning issues. Looking forward to the next #CollegeChat.