Monday, March 22, 2010

McLaughlin Education Consulting Offers New Ways To Help You Stay Informed

I have been busy lately updating my website to include new ways to offer information to clients, prospective clients and anyone interested
in college planning. I have been creating an e-newsletter for a while to help those interested in college planning issues and trends stay informed. My plan is to produce these monthly or bi-monthly. If you are not receiving the e-newsletter, you can now sign-up to be on the mailing list on my website on the homepage.

More in-depth information will be offered through my teleseminars. First up is a program on College Financial Aid, which will cover the process, forms and types of financial aid. It is scheduled for April 21st from 7-8pm. This teleseminar is free, so please take advantage of this session. You may use the Sign-Up form on the Seminar page of the website.

Since last Fall I have done a number of radio interviews and have been a regular guest co-host on WESO 970 AM. I am now able to post audio and video recordings to the wesite on the Media Clips page of the site. Currently you can listen to my guest hosting appearance on WESO of March 19th. We discuss the timely topic of College Waitlists.

The Resource Page has links to college planning related sites such as the Dept of Education and FAFSA, the College Board and CSS Profile and a discount textbook website.

If you are interested in scheduling a college planning consultation, looking for information on my tutoring services or inquiring about my Corporate Services you can contact me through the Contact Page.

So check out the new website and take advantage of the information and services available that I offer. Feel free to let me know what you like or don't like about it, and what you would like added to the website.

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